What is Follicular Unit Extraction (Removal Process)?
What is Follicular Unit Extraction (Removal Process)?
The structure called follicular unit is a structure surrounded by a dermal sheath and containing 1-4 hair follicles and forming anatomical and physiological integrity with the vascular and neural network around it. The follicular unit has been described as a revolution in the history of hair transplantation for 40 years, defined in 1996. The follicular unit is usually a structure that contains two or three hair follicles (hair follicles) and is self-contained. It has been shown that follicular units, which are not even aware of their existence, are untouchable structures that should not be split, and that sowing should be done with this in mind. The follicular unit must be obtained very precisely under the microscope and must be planted meticulously. Therefore hair transplantation and especially the FUE method should be performed by those who have the best experience of microsurgery and scalp (scalp) anatomy and surgeon.

The follicular unit extraction method is essentially a follicular unit extraction process used to obtain follicular units. The scalp is a technique where only the follicular unit is removed without cutting and sewing. Lumen needles are used in different diameters with a specially designed end structure for removing follicular units.

In both methods, the first hair is shed at the end of the first month, 2-3 months after sowing and then begins to go out and prolong. There is no chance that the encephalon will spill because it uses a little more permanent hair. The hair comes out of the same color and character as the person belongs to him. In addition, only the amount of hair in the planting and not the way of taking the direction of the hair, the nature of the front hairline is as important as the amount of hair at least the amount of hair. The best way to apply these and other details will be through the operation of the Plastic Surgeon.

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