What do we need to do before the operation?
What do we need to do before the operation?
The person will set a date and initial appointment with his doctor after the person has identified the correct center of agriculture and will not hesitate to do so. After detailed analysis and conducting the inspection, the necessary information will be transferred to the person.

The patient needs to talk to the expert and get an answer without hesitation in every question. This is important both in terms of knowledge and patient preparation and how to deal in pre and postoperative period as well as being comfortable and free from anxiety before surgery.

In addition, every aspect of a patient's health status is extremely important in planning treatment for their involvement with a specialist. Of particular importance is the evaluation of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and medication. As a result of the evaluation of the physician, if any problem has been caused it may lead to delay or abandon hair transplantation.

It should be noted that the implantation of hair follicles is a surgical procedure and therefore every step must be taken according to the rules in terms of both the patient and the doctor.
Do not take diluted blood medication for at least 5 days before surgery, as your doctor recommends.

Before the days of hair transplantation you should stop taking drugs if you use them, alcoholic drinks, beverages that contain caffeine and smoking should be avoided.

In the morning of the operation should wash hair naturally, cream or other beauty products should not be used
The process is not used for general anesthesia so it is necessary to eat the patient.

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