Is hair transplant difficult?
Is hair transplant difficult?
Hair loss and disease is a common health problem affecting women and men of all ages. The most effective treatment is hair transplantation.
Hair loss can cause emotional trauma such as anxiety and depression.  Hair loss can also negatively affect your career and social life. Apart from being an integral part of the personal appearance of the hair, the emotional problems caused by the fallout are mostly due to cultural heritage. Hair transplantation is the only treatment we recommend
DHI technique is the most preferred way to transplant hair today by both surgeons and patients. This is because DHI delivers faster results than other technologies, while taking the bulbs is shorter and faster, and results are much more successful. After hair transplantation, there is no hair growth problem in the area that has been added. Because the nape of hair follicles is insensitive to testosterone, the hair in this area is permanent, as long as it does not fall due to another health problem.
Hair transplantation characteristics with DHI technique
With DHI technique, which is one of the modern technologies, only 0.5 mm to 0.8 mm small holes are opened in the head skin. Seedlings from the back of the head are implanted with the front and top of hair loss. Using DHI technique, 4,000 follicles can be transplanted into one follicle. The number of hairs (1-4) is hair. This is the average hair between 7,000-12,000 hair.
The patient does not feel any pain or pain where he is anesthetized topically during the fixation of the follicles. With DHI technique, the follicles are taken in a smooth and painless manner and placed directly in the small channels that have been opened. During the time of the hair transplant, the patient can read books, games or watch movies on their mobile phone or tablet.
The natural appearance in hair transplantation is important
Hair design is very important as well as the technique used in hair transplantation. According to the face of someone, the direction of hair and age and hair design should be appropriate from the front to the top, the hair line is drawn in front of the shape of natural hair. The process must be done very carefully or else it will be difficult to modify later because it will live problems later difficult than being bald
After hair transplant there are things to consider
The healing process begins after a few days of hair transplantation. If you come to plant hair in Turkey and the operation was successful you can board the plane after three days.
After a week or so, you can shower easily. After two months, you can access the swimming pool, sunbathing or sea. Within one month, the hair is implanted and the hair becomes peeling. After two months, the permanent hair begins to go out. Results of transplants in 10 months revealed an average of 8 more pronounced. In this process, if the patient wants to improve hair quality and help him grow faster he can use PRP, both plasma and plasma therapy can also improve the quality of existing hair and provide compatibility with new hair.

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