Hair Mesotherapy
Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy revitalises hair but more importantly contributes to a protective and supportive treatment of the recipient tissue following hair transfer procedures. Mesotherapy means “injecting under the skin” and it is a form of mesodermic treatment. Specialists working at Estetik International Medical Group perform mesotherapy using the multiple injection method containing pharmaceutical and homeopathic medication as well as plant extracts. Although hair mesotherapy has recently gained popularity in Turkey, the method dates back to 1952.


Practical details of hair mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a minimal dose microinjection procedure using very fine needles in the dermis or hypodermis of the mesoderm layer. Applying hair mesotherapy to the dermis layer, which constitutes the functional layer of the skin in the scalp, works to nourish the follicle. When capillary vessels are inadequate to feed the hairy tissue with vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements and circulatory regulators, hair mesotherapy acts to provide direct nourishment to the target tissue. Although some regard it as alternative medicine, its means of application and FDA-approved pharmacological content confirms mesotherapy as a medically proven method. Mesotherapy can be applied easily on any patient whether male, female or child. The aim is to provide hairy tissue cell metabolism with an alternative source of necessary support.


Hair follicles transferred during the hair transplant operation will fall out at the end of the first 2 weeks and new follicles will start to develop at the end of the 2nd month. At the end of the first 6 months almost 60% of transplanted hair follicles will have surfaced naturally. We perform hair mesotherapy right at this stage to help strengthen and rejuvenate newly transferred and existing hair follicles.


Against hair loss

The hair mesotherapy method uses very fine needles to go 2-3mm underneath the scalp in order to effectively inject vitamins, antioxidants and patient specific substances with the objective of nourishing and strengthening the tissue. Generally performed 6 months after the hair transplant operation, hair mesotherapy not only nourishes new and existing hair follicles it also is effective in preventing future hair loss.


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