Hair Loss
Hair Loss
Both men and women suffer from hair loss. Aesthetic concerns and its association with ageing cause significant loss of motivation amongst people. Hair loss can go as far as baldness in males. It usually starts at the top of the head but can also occur partially in the form of rings. Hair has been highly regarded in all cultures and people have taken hair care seriously. In different sects, hair has been seen as a status symbol in both men and women. That is why, whether from modern medicine or alternative treatments, a variety of methods have been used to address baldness and prevent hair loss.

Causes of hair loss
Hair loss is medically known as alopecia and by looking at published studies it can occur in males as young as 18. One reason for hair loss is rooted in our genetic coding. Hair on the head and body develop from the male hormone testosterone. Excess testosterone production leads to hair loss or excessive hairiness. Although in smaller amounts women also produce testosterone, but in great amounts this hormone causes hair loss. Hair loss may also occur due to seasonal cycles, stress, birth, diet, skin diseases, cancer treatment and traumas.

The most popular method to fight hair loss is the procedure known as hair transplant. Anyone suffering from hair loss may choose to undergo a hair transplant operation. There is no age limit for this procedure. Any healthy person can undergo hair transplant.

FUE Method for thinning hair
The first step in hair transplant is examining existing hair characteristics in order to choose healthy hair follicles. The strongest and most resilient hair follicles are found on the back of the head, between the ears and the upper part of the nape. Special canals are opened in bold areas and these canals are used to perform the transplant procedure using special techniques. The method does not cause marks or swelling and patients can resume their normal daily routines immediately. Hair transplant is by far the most popular method in solving hair loss problems. The new micro-engine FUE technique makes it possible to perform this operation very quickly.

Clinics that lack Ministry of Health licenses are not authorised to carry out hair transplants. So it is crucial to get treatment from an experienced cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. Those who undergo such procedures at inexperienced and unlicensed clinics face the risk of losing existing healthy hair follicles.

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