Eyebrow Restoration
Eyebrow Restoration
Eyebrows play an important role in facial beauty and in emphasising the eyes. Certain waves of fashion trends lead people to reshape their eyebrows. However when fashion trends change, many people are left with over-plucked/thinned eyebrows. Hair follicle damage due to excessive plucking or thinning out of the eyebrow makes people seek solutions like eyebrow tattoos or pencils.

Using a pencil to thicken the eyebrows is very inconvenient, whereas eyebrow tattoos often fail to look natural. Eyebrows may have receded from causes other than fashion trends, such as traumas, which may lead to partial or complete loss of eyebrows. Eyebrow restoration is based on the same principle of hair transplantation and offers the most practical and natural looking solution.

Details of eyebrow restoration
Eyebrow restoration involves transferring healthy hair follicles collected from the donor site to the eyebrow area. Eyebrows usually start to grow 3 months after the transplant operation and reach full effect within 7-8 months. Patients can start shaping eyebrows in about 7 months after the eyebrow restoration procedure. We recommend all patients to choose the most suiting eyebrow shape and pluck very carefully, preferably with the assistance of a professional.

Eyebrow restoration could be the solution to the inconvenience of pencilling eyebrows every day and the unnatural appearance of eyebrow tattoos. Eyebrow restoration can be repeated if necessary. With eyebrow restoration patients can reshape their eyebrows, which have thinned out or changed shape due to trends in fashion.

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