Does hair transplant look natural?
Does hair transplant look natural?
Among the greatest aesthetic problems of all time are light hair and baldness. If you suffer from these common aesthetic problems also you want your hair to be as thick as it used to be now possible. Yes, it is now possible to have a healthy, natural hair density that becomes like hair.

It is now easier to solve this problem with the latest technological advances and the latest hair transplant techniques. For about 6 hours, hair transplantation was performed on the balance between the area of ??baldness and the area in which the follicles were taken, ie, the posterior region of the head
Critical criteria for the natural appearance of hair growers
"There are very important criteria for hair styling to provide a natural look.
The hair implanted on the scalp will be the same as the previous hair, and the density of the area where the follicles are taken will be maintained.
There is no hair cut in hair straightening technique!
"Hair transplantation technique with direct hair transplantation (DHI) provides a natural appearance.There is no scar because there is no incision made by surgery.It continues to reduce the risk of scarring on the scalp with a fine-headed needle.In DHI hair transplantation technique, hair roots The hair follicles are evenly and symmetrically distributed to the area where the follicles will be implanted with this feature, and this is the most natural method of hair transplantation by cosmetic dentists. "
The shape and intensity of the frontal hair is also important
"The biggest fear of those who want to have a hair transplant is to turn the grass man over to the roots of the hair over the hair follicles ed and thus from the forehead of the starting line and suddenly rise like a wall.DHI hair transplantation with one or received a large number of hair follicles from The hair follicles in the techniques known to contain are do as they are immediately placed in the front hairline.Therefore, the hair will be prevented from growing along the forehead line of hair like a wall. "

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