Do you want to agrow hair ?
Do you want to agrow hair ?

If you are planning to grow your hair, it is likely to start research and gather many information. We have prepared a guide for you so you can understand how to perform surgery, hair transplantation, and know what is in your mind from questions.
The place is called the donor area, which is the back area of ??the head, from which a large number of hair follicles can be taken. Hair transplantation is a medical intervention that is created by combining a technical and technical medical perspective.
 You can not take bulbs from someone else and give them because the bulbs are special to the person only and do not resemble your bulbs and this will fail the transplant if the opposite does not grow hair

Hair density is the number of bulbs taken from the donor area
Thick hair has the advantage that it can cover more baldness area. Light hair also has distinct results but thick hair covers more than it does in light hair. This causes a change in the prices of hair growing as it will require more work and efforts when the curly hair is usually curly hair gives easier results for the doctor and superior results.

Normal hair requires less work than curly or wavy hair, as well as hard work in the direction we just talked about while taking the bulbs. The surgeon must be very careful about the direction and draw the forehead line in order to get natural hair
It is much easier to cultivate hair colors that are close to skin color.

For example, African skin and hair color are almost equal to each other and provide less contrast. This leads to less obvious defects in hair transplantation. This is also the case with blondes. With their skin, causing a low contrast. But the classic Turkish style, dark hair, open tilt, because of high contrast, has the most challenging type in terms of hair transplantation. However, excellent results can be obtained by the surgeon and a highty skilled team.

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