At what age does a person need to grow hair?
At what age does a person need to grow hair?

After 6 to 8 months of operation, the person will be 10 years younger. Today, hair transplantation is one of the most popular cosmetic operations and has become a major part of cosmetic surgery. Every day, thousands of people undergo this process. For 6 hours and then 6 months later will be 10 years younger

At what age does a person need to grow hair?

Often begins after the age of 20 years to the age of 30 most periods of rainfall between these ages, but at the age of 40 there is a large demand for hair transplant and of course the method of fall down by inheritance and the like.
The greater the number of hair follicles, the greater the density of hair


But depending on the need of the person for that thing, for example, if the need for 3,000 bulbs you can not plant 4,000, depending on the number of channels that were opened planting and so on.
Hair transplantation in Turkey is very advanced not only Turks come from Europe but also from Germany, France, America and Russia also come to Turkey for hair transplant there are patients from every country in the world because it is of high quality and also suitable at the same time compared to other countries
In all countries there are clinics and specialists in hair transplant, but they choose to come to Turkey being the best and the best in all respects

Nowadays do hair transplantation become more demanding than wigs?


Hair transplantation is natural because it does not take long life. You can take a bath all the time and swim all the time. For the last age you will have natural hair, for example Wigs sticky call every 15 days and in the summer heat become very irritating to the skin accompanied by sensitivity because the skin does not breathe the air all the time so not advised.

Agriculture takes place in one day approximately 5-6 hours on the second day and the third calls for review again to change the dressing on the second day and wash the hair on the third day is the hair is added as desired by the patient who comes from outside Turkey in a week or ten days will disappear all the effects Something does not happen and the new hair begins to grow from 6-8 months.


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