After hair transplantation
After hair transplantation
After hair transplantation, (the next day); it is treated with disinfectant solution and the bandage is removed.

The process of washing the hair will be explained by washing the hair transplant team to you and who will provide you with sufficient information for how to wash the hair. Usually hair is expected to be washed on the third day,

At the end of the second week the patient can return to normal washing with his shampoo.

The area will remain open to dry quickly during the first week and protect it from external contact and shock. Through the use of pillows during sleep. It is also necessary to avoid sexual contact. It is not necessary to increase blood flow to the head area with movements such as bending forward for the first 2 days.

The area should not scratch and should be avoided manually. (Spray can be given to relieve itching after operation)

Blood thinning medications should be started by observing a doctor's recommendation.
After hair transplantation, the healing process is completed within 5-10 days.

For one month, activities such as heavy sports, bath, swimming pool, sea and excessive sun should be avoided.

The old hair will start falling within 2-3 weeks and this is normal hair that will start to come out again after 2-3 months will become visible and will gradually come to the desired situation after 6 months. The desired result is usually obtained in month 8. Sometimes this process is better supported by plasma sessions and treatments to be given

In the first 3 months after hair transplantation, the hair is shortened by scissors only. After 6 months it is possible to shave the hair with a shaving machine .

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